Makewell presents…South Brooklyn Curiosity Map

It’s here! Our latest personal project inspired by our summer of travel and love of maps, adventure, history and design: South Brooklyn Curiosity Map!

After recently returning from extensive international and domestic adventures away from our home and office, we found ourselves looking at our neighborhood with new eyes–from a traveler’s perspective. Finding curiosities around every corner, we developed this map of two intersecting walking tours focused on design and history respectively. Explore Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens by foot to discover noteworthy landmarks, celebrity tales, timeless vintage signage and modern street art that make this area much richer in history than might immediately meet the eye.

The printed maps are free (for a limited time) and will be rolled out this week at Brooklyn Beta. Beyond the conference, visit The Brooklyn Historical Society or The Invisible Dog to pick up a printed map and follow our tours of the neighborhood. Please also find our iPhone supplements and a downloadable map at

Enjoy the adventure, and let us know what you find along the way!

Beyond the limited run, the paper maps are available for purchase at


2 Responses to “Makewell presents…South Brooklyn Curiosity Map”
  1. James McDonald says:

    Nice map. But this is North Brooklyn.

    • makewell says:

      Thanks! It is technically north Brooklyn, you’re right, but historically this area was referred to as South Brooklyn and since most of the stops on the map are historical references we thought it appropriate!

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